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mano 6 years ago
this video is older than the internet
Just a man waching porn 6 years ago
I dont find this horny
I find it creepy and weird
Sorry but..........yeah you know just weird and creepy
Minecraft player 6 years ago
My minecraft keeps crashing need help
dix 8 years ago
one in the pink
one in the stink
Your mom 6 years ago
What kind of potato quality is this
IDONTCARE 8 years ago
777 8 years ago
You do realize that most porn /is/ fake, right? This very well might be real, though, because people can actually be born with two, fully functional sets of male genitalia. Look it up, mate.
Captain Obvious 6 years ago
Oh shit I used to have this on VHS as a kid lol
lol 6 years ago
Its funny when guys one here call this guy small when they probably aren't even close to his size lmao
Nice 6 years ago
And they say men can't multitask...